About Yesterword

This is the adventures of an IT professional and non-artist in the quest to learn to draw so that one day a story can be told. Updated (almost) every day Monday to Friday. It is a series to help me learn to draw better and develop characters and scenery for a future webcomic.

Yesterword is for entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for individualised artistic advice. Side effects may include impulses to draw, pyromania, and general confusion. See a professional to see if Yesterword is right for you.

About me

Profile-PictureName: Atom Byte
Class: Villager
Race: Humanoid
Alignment: Neutral Good
Nationality: Canadian
Super Power: (Unlocked at next level)

I’m computer techie by day and want-to-be artist by night. Since I was a kid I have been influenced by visual arts of all sorts, but encouraged to seek more ‘practical’ skills, such as science and technology. It was in middle school when I started to (secretly) enjoy anime and cartoons, which led me to manga and comics. That led me to start writing a tale of my own hero, which was eventually forgotten as I entered high school and college.

After many years of neglect, I found myself in a place where I wanted to share my story again. This time, I was able to surround myself with talented and supportive friends, so I have decided to take my attempt to improve my ability to draw publicly and in time, share the adventures that were once locked inside the mind of the juvenile version of myself.

I have never taken any art classes nor do I have any innate talent. Everything you see here is the sum of advice from people around me, the internet, and a few books. I hope you enjoy some images and I encourage you to start learning that skill you have always wanted to learn, but never found the time.