The method and practice of teaching adult learners; adult education.
“andragogy, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2016. Web. 4 December 2016.

I’m not sure what happened last week. I remember drawing every day, but I seem to be just awful at posting. I even have a finished version of the Amor in a Valkyrie suit (on DA). Then last night I leave my laptop at my parent’s place, so I had to do an emergency trip to the city in a snowstorm before any of the snowploughs had even started for the day. I’m going to go to bed a bit earlier and try to make this a better week.

Hands are always a struggle. In a lot of the images, I actually draw a few disembodied hand so I can figure it out. I usually draw a bunch of rectangles then ‘carve’ them out like clay. I’m not sure how to do this any better. I think everyone I have ever met struggles with making hands not look awkward.

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