Coverings to protect the legs against wet mud; waterproof leggings. (Originally, a proprietary name.)
“antiˈgropelos, n.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, June 2018, Accessed 22 August 2018.

I can’t tell if I am having a bad week because I am tired or if I am tired because I am having a bad week. I was going to add a bunch more detail, then I realised how tired I have become. It might be the crazy amount of smoke or just the season. Beh.

So that’s Amor’s actual main weapon. She uses a smaller recurve bow that has a bit of a heavier weight. She is a bit feral, so she can handle a little more than a human, but she is still a girl. I would imagine somewhere around 40 pounds. She has a thumb ring that she wears on a necklace. I was originally thinking she may want a decurve bow, but that defeats the purpose since the only time she will need one is when she is being aggressive and has a dagger for defence.

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