The fact or phenomenon of not holding any fixed or established beliefs; (also) the rejection of all fixed or established beliefs, regarded (often humorously) as a creed or philosophy. Cf. nothingarianism n. at nothingarian n. and adj. Derivatives.
“anythingarianism, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2016. Web. 2 June 2016.

Instead of a new picture, which I was really stumped on what I could draw to illustrate such a vague concept, I decided to finish yesterday’s drawing.  I’m getting the hang of doing my line art in Adobe Illustrator, though I have a few things I am still struggling on.

For one, it’s very different from pixel editors, like Photoshop or ArtRage, where I can arbitrary scribble things. I’ve seriously only used Illustrator for about 20 hours now and most of what I know is frow watching YouTube.

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