Bahala Na

Expressing an attitude of optimistic acceptance or fatalistic resignation, esp. in acknowledging that the outcome of an uncertain or difficult situation is beyond one’s control or is preordained; ‘que sera sera’. Hence also as n.: an approach to life characterized by this attitude.
“bahala na, int.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2016. Web. 28 June 2016.

On of the hardest things to do is to draw someone yawning and then try not to yawn yourself. That and it was a long day. I realised that I am addicted to coffee. I am at the point where I can have two cups of coffee and then curl up under a blanket and take a nap. I may have to rethink this strategy.

It was very encouraging to see others promote my drawings, as opposed to the norm of my shameless self-promotion. Someone was shocked that I had only started drawing in November. What they didn’t realise is that I spend about an hour a day watching YouTube videos and researching how to draw better, then about another two drawing and doing drawing exercises. Most people do not think of art as a learned skill. It is not like being a wizard or the one, where you simply have the superpower and all you need is the confidence to use it. I really dislike shows that depict skills like that.

I don’t mean to rant, but I have great respect for those in this field who are very highly regarded, like the Hayao Miyazaki. I wished people realise that for every heavyweight like him, is a thousand inspiring to follow in his footsteps. It is like how everyone wants to be a black belt, but no one wants to work through being a yellow and green belt.

Anyways. Enough ranting and more drawing.

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