Black-Eyed Susan

Any of various plants having pale flowers with dark centres, esp. the East African climbing plant Thunbergia alata (family Acanthaceae) of East Africa, and the North American rudbeckia Rudbeckia hirta, both commonly cultivated as garden plants.
“black-eyed Susan, n.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, June 2018, Accessed 9 July 2018.

I’m once again having driver problems with my tablet. It seems like once every three or four months it goes funny on me. I’m glad I splurged on an Apple Pencil. I think it is a very good alternative to my desktop, but I prefer the larger screen over drawing near my hand. I seem to have been able to divorce the relationship with the idea of drawing and position of my limbs. I would still like to get a gigantic Wacom one day, but I think there are many things I would rather have than a Wacom. Like more actual holidays.

This isn’t a redesign. This is Amor’s actual feral form. Most of the time, she is seen a having a cute button nose, but it really a full-on snout. I’m kind of avoiding it cause I have no good side profiles references. The closest are nekos, but that’s not what I want. There are anime about full animals, but I don’t want that either. I hate having to invent things. So much work.

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