In full Bosman ruling. A European Court ruling which obliges professional sports clubs to allow players over the age of 25 to move freely between European Union clubs once their contracts have expired, without the new club being required to pay a transfer fee, and which prohibits limits being set on the number of non-national EU players a club may deploy. Also: a player available on a free transfer under this ruling. on a Bosman: (available) on a free transfer under the Bosman ruling.
“Bosman, n.2.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2017. Web. 25 July 2017.

It feels weird to draw like this. I have limited access to reference images and I don’t have my music set up. I’m drawing on the kitchen table until I can get my office space set up.

A new comic up tomorrow! I have figured a very fast way to fill in backgrounds.

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