To tire out, exhaust, fatigue.
“† defatigate, v.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2017. Web. 25 April 2017.

I think I’m back in that awkward space between different areas. It’s like when you know you are about to enter a new zone in a RPG, but you don’t know if you need to get more exp and levels or just go there and tough it out.

I almost feel like I’ve out grown what this experince can do for me since a comic is going to take a lot more commitment than I know I am ready for. At the same time, I’m freaked out that I’m not ready since I still struggle to do sketches sometimes. I guess I was okay being terrible at drawing, but now it’s the next level and now there is expectations. Been reading some other comics and their drawing is as weak as mine, so it shouldn’t matter, but I still am scared.

My images are probably going to be pretty basic sketches for a bit while I write out a few side stories to get things started. 

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