Sour-tempered, cross, disagreeable, peevish. Chiefly Eng. regional in later use.
“frampold, adj.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2017. Web. 19 May 2017.

I’m having some trouble putting words to this post because I’m not sure what to say. In some ways it’s just another post. It’s not really that interesting, but it is my 219th post at the end of the 52nd week. I always compare each drawing to the one I did on that whiteboard and then drew the first Yesterword pictre.

I have to be proud of drawing 84% of this year. It is still 219 more images than where I was a year ago and 219 more than others have drawn. That’s the same as a weekly 3 pane comic with almost a bi-weekly special. Not too shabby for someone who didn’t think they had a creative bone in them.

I’m going to drop down the three a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so I can work on my comic. This actually means I’m drawing one more pane a week than I am now. Here’s to a new year, new hope and dreams and drawings.!

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