The action or an act of destroying or undermining the authority of the law; (also) the act of defeating or preventing the passage of a particular piece of legislation.
“legicide, n.1.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, December 2016. Web. 22 December 2016.

I know I’m about a day behind, but I’ve got the pictures to show that I’m not simply being lazy. Christmas is a coming up and it’s crazy. I have a few cards that I’m doing up and it’s taking way longer to do than I ever imagined. Dog is good. She smells like poo and skunk, so I have to wash her before I can show her to the outside world maybe I would make more sense if I spoke in run-on sentences all the time or just drank way-way more coffee or not. Anyhow, just a teaser, I’m likely to be late on tonight’s, but I’ll post the one I did yesterday (Thursday) and then my Christmas special.

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