I really goofed up the last few days. I haven’t said anything because I just posted the last few right now. I had them drawn up and thought I would have a chance as I was drinking my morning coffee, but things keep popping up. Fortunately, I’ve got it all drawn up, so I haven’t relented on my commitment to draw every day, even if I don’t always scan or post. If you are wondering, I still don’t have a scanner, but if I sneak into the office early enough, I can just use one of the document scanners, which works really well as a photo scanner.

I’m trying to get more sleep, but it’s been tough to get everything I need to be done in a day. I had to reorganise my room so that there was a semblance of sanity and so I could access my winter stuff. It has been cold. I had to break out my camping gear since my windows leaks. I’m hoping that I can get a better solution; otherwise, I may have to camp in my tent till spring. Not that I’m complaining, but I would rather be in a bed.

I figured out that I could watch anime type at the same time, which helps me plan what I need to work on for basic drawing skills while I fumble with my words. Right now, I’m rewatching a bunch of works from Bones studio, which I have always loved for their storytelling and deep characters. I hope one day I can write as compelling stories as they can.

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