Memento Vivere

A reminder of life; a reminder of the pleasure of living.
“memento vivere, n.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, March 2018, Accessed 4 June 2018.

I feel bad for Terra. Now that I’m spending more time writing her backstory and fleshing out some consistency problems, I’m having to change more things about her that will get the outcome that I need. I don’t want her to be some damsel in distress that is just waiting for my other characters to come along when anyone can fulfil that role. I feel like in a good story there should be a somewhat solid reason that the protagonist is the only one that does accomplish that task. It feels like everyone I touch turns super dark. Maybe that’s the reality. We all have a darkness we pretend doesn’t exist, but is the actual fuel for our lives.

This week Terra’s life gets really dark as I try to explain why she is stuck in this small town when she is such a capable young lady. She no longer has freckles and now has a huge scar on her face. I really hope I get to explain what happened to her. I really hope it isn’t too messed up by the time it hits editing.

I just also want to mention that I’ve started my third year of doing this. It’s much easier to draw than when I started. I expect much more than before. I think I need to push myself to do more full body shots, though most manga I read seems to focus on the top half. I’ll figure something.

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