The unicorn, or a similar mythical one-horned creature. Now arch. and hist.
“monoceros, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2017. Web. 27 April 2017.

I have gone so long without good internet that now that I have something that somewhat works, I’m at a loss to what to do.

It is rather strange to press on a link and it loads. I’m like Tom Hanks at the end of Castaway and I’m holding a lighter after years of struggling to create fire. One of the real reasons I schedule Yesterword to nine in the morning is so that I knew I would be somewhere with functional internet eventually.

With my newfound internet, I have moved all my drawings from comics to posts. So it’s easier to work with and gives me more flexible. I’m thinking this weekend is going to be a writing marathon and I’ll get this year’s storyline written and drafted for proofreading. I have so many short stories for when the story is started, but starting is really hard. I have a few ideas.

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