A spiritual or psychological protection or defence; an attitude, etc., affording such protection.
panoply, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2016. Web. 20 July 2016.

This has been the fastest image to date. I ended up chatting with a friend far later than realised and had to race home to get this done. I admit that it does not have the usual refinements and Amor looks more like a tomboy than I normally have her, but I’m happy that I can produce at this much considering that I’ve only been drawing for less than a year. I was thinking this morning that I should have started sooner, but I was afraid of people judging me for my lack of drawing skill. I was always imitated by a guy I know who is quite skilled at drawing but had such a negative energy about him that made it had to approach him for help.

I am still fighting this fear and I have to thank some very supportive people in my life to help me fend off the voices in my head telling me how terrible my drawings look.

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