Journalism which is concerned with issues other than the reporting of factual information; journalism which treats subjects in a subjective, imaginative, creative, or personal way, or which engages with matters of speculation or opinion.
parajournalism, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2016. Web. 1 August 2016.

I am officially in my new place. I took a ‘break’ from cleaning my old place and help a friend move. I am so tired I will sleep like a rock on allergy medicine.

I’m excited to say that we’re about to launch a new comic… I think soon… soon-ish. We are not very organised. It about, a bear and evil. Maybe I’m wrong about one of them, but I think it involves story… or not. Nobody tells me what is going on around here. Either way. I hope you’ll enjoy the artwork. It is amazing!

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