Of a writer: paid at the rate of a penny a line. Hence, of writing: long-winded, verbose; superficial, of little literary value. Cf. penny-a-liner n.
“penny-a-line, adj.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2016. Web. 3 July 2016.

After the disaster of last week, I learned to save, save again, and save one extra time just in case. It was fun to draw this one since I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to reveal some more about my Amor for a while. For those who are archery enthusiasts and think I’m drawing incorrectly, I want to mention that she is using a thumb draw, with a ring, on a Mongolian style recurve, which is nock on the right side instead of the normal side like the Mediterranean/finger draw.

I think going through the process of recording again has taught me tonnes on how I can improve future videos.

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