Self-love; self-conceit; undue regard for oneself or one’s own interests; = philauty n.
“philautia, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2016. Web. 15 November 2016.

I am having some serious technology problems again. This time it is more software than hardware. I can’t export out of Photoshop. It complains about this and that. It has been really good for a long time, but it seems like computers get to a point where things get bogged down and they need a spring cleaning. Still struggling with work issues. It feels like by the time one fire is put out, two more spring up.

I haven’t shown any of the old concepts of Valen publicly. For whatever reason, I avoided drawing him because he feels boring by design. I think he’s coming along well, but it is going to take many more revisions to make this work.

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