A piece of furniture for the use of a person at prayer, consisting of a kneeler with a narrow upright front surmounted by a ledge for books or for resting the elbows, and often a shelf below this for storing books, etc.
“prie-dieu, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2016. Web. 8 August 2016.

Where did the weekend go? I think I need some help. All I remember doing is play Pokemon Go. I think I’ve walked bazillion miles, but I did find a Pikachu.

I have to start all over again with Praxis. The model I used to use does not look very nice when I put him beside Amor. He looks like a goofball, but if I can make Amor look like a real character from the blob she used to be, I can do the same for Praxis.

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