I spent some time this weekend working on another WordPress site. I know, I haven’t done anything on this one, so it sounds weird when I complain about doing website-ish work. In my defence, I do spend an average of about ten hours a week drawing and writing, so the last thing I want to do is work on this stuff any more than I have to.

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn anyone other than Amor. I don’t mean to, but she seems to become my cartoon avatar. Bellus was supposed to be this rival, but since her first writing, she has since evolved into this weird frenemy that Amor really dislikes, but Bellus helps Amor grow as a person, though at times she wants to murder her. I wrote her because I needed an extra character for a short story, but as I have written more, I realise the value of having another lady speak into her life, even if Amor doesn’t want her to.

I’m writing a bunch because I’m bored while I’m moving a bunch of files around. I think I’m going to change up how Yesterword is going to work because it is super awkward to post things.

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