What a weekend. It started with a routine maintenance of the phone system, which led to a complete teardown of our communications system followed by an evening of frantic research, followed by a night of gnashing teeth, followed by wailing in a corner and finished with cries of joy before passing out. Now that I look at my last sentence, that’s pretty much every weekend as I’m trying to take on projects much bigger than myself.

We started a new video series that is set to be released in the next few weeks. If all goes well, we will be launching an animation series, featuring yours truly, and a live-action series featuring our executive producer. I have a tonne of work ahead of me, some which you’ll see as I go.

I tried to change my target style to an unnamed children’s cartoon princess style since I felt that I had been following too closely to my two favourite studios, Ghibli and Bones. One thing I noticed was how the style portrayed an unrealistic facade of happiness, which my stories do not carry. They almost seem impractically cute, like a scene from Hello Kitty, when they are telling stories Brother’s Grimm’s stories. Granted, I’m not asking for a faithful retelling of the stories, since they would be rated PG, but a deeper meaning. Maybe this is why I love Hayao Miyazaki’s work where there is deep meaning at every level.

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