To cry, call out, shout; to speak very loudly. Also: to cry out in grief or pain, to scream, yell; to lament, weep.
“reme, v.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2017. Web. 15 August 2017.

It’s been another difficult week. I’m struggling with whether to drop playing Pokemon, softball, violin, or mixing sound. I know I have far too many hobbies that pull my attention in very different directions and the lack of commitment to a single one. Other than drawing. For some reason, drawing has helped me keep sanity and I’m not sure I could give this up.

I think I have to admit to myself that actually publishing the comic every other week is more realistic, rather than publishing every week. With the Stuck Up comic it was published every week, but that was a struggle with two people. Granted, it was inked and coloured, but they started with a bit of a backlog and more written story before they started. I do have a few short stories written, but in a novella format as opposed to a screenplay as it should be written. I might spend this weekend rewriting the current chapter instead of chasing a Lugia.

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