Rim Ram Ruff

Alliterative verse of this kind, esp. considered as unsophisticated; (hence) crude or clumsy poetry. Also: the effect of this kind of poetry. Also attrib. in rim ram ruff romance, rim ram ruff poet, etc.
Chiefly with reference to quot. c1405 at sense A.
“rim ram ruff, phr. and n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2016. Web. 23 August 2016

Another day without the use of a computer. I’m going to scan a better copy when I can, but for now, you can see the sketch. A pencil was my first love and I used to really enjoy shading, but one day I just stopped drawing and forgot all about it. I dabbled a little bit in charcoal and I loved it while I had access to it. I think it was too messy cause one day my charcoal stuff simply disappeared.

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