A small triangular piece of paper used to enclose and hold in place damp hair which has been wound into a curl; a curl-paper.

“papillote, n.” OED Online, Oxford University Press, December 2018, Accessed 20 February 2019.

Two years, eight months, 27 days ago I decided to start a little journey. I said to myself, I’ve always wanted to draw. I always looked up to those who drew, rain or shine. Good or bad. I think my journey is going in a different path than I expected. I’ve met good people. I’ve learned lots; about the world, about myself. I’m not going to stop drawing. I’m just going to put down my stylus in the way I have been. Try to invest more into my future plans. I have a few ideas to put down before I can step back. Maybe saying is my way of processing it. I’m not sure.