Waterloo blue n. now chiefly hist. a bright blue colour; cf. sense 9.
“Waterloo, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, June 2017. Web. 19 June 2017.

Today has been the craziest writing marathon that I’ve done in a long while. At first I didn’t think I needed much, then as I was thinking about it, the more I needed to sort out the plot holes. Terra sprung from a series of short stories. She was a part of a series from a different universe, but she was such a developed character I felt it was a waste to not use her.

A lot of my story writing is more personality driven. I throw someone I know into a world I’m familiar with, then I have the challenge of trying to figure how they get out of the challenge or if I need to change the problem so they can solve it.

Tuesday is going to be fun.

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